Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aldeia Santa Rita Hotel, Candolim Goa, India

The quintessential Portuguese village experience is provided at the Aldeia Santa Rita Hotel.

The 11 villa styled structures houses the various rooms of the hotel. The clustered structures effectively create the ambiance of a village.

The 55 rooms of the Aldeia Santa Rita Hotel are tastefully designed. The rooms have been provided with bare minimum necessities. You have a choice of superior and standard rooms. The superior rooms are decorated, in classy, colonial style.

The standard rooms too have a distinct style that just compliments the practicalities of the room.

You can enjoy the benefits of a separate, well furnished living area, complete with a coffee table, divan and chairs

Aguada Holiday Resort - Candolim Beach, Goa, India.

Aguada Holiday Resort is a well known 2 star budget beach resort located near the beautiful Candolim beach in Goa.

If you are looking forward toward a spectacular beach holiday in Goa, where you can enjoy a number of beach activities and sports and at the same time remain within your budget, choosing Aguada Holiday Resort as your destination would be a very good choice.

Aguada Holiday Resort is a modern hotel that offers up-to-date facilities and amenities that are necessary to ensure a comfortable stay for you.

The favorable location of the resort right next to major commercial hubs of the area makes sure that you are never too far away from any of the excitement of the beach. Visit Aguada Holiday Resort and enjoy a truly memorable trip.